10 Reasons You NEED To Be Eating An Avocado Every Day!

Avocados, you say? They’re actually classed as a superfood because they’re so healthy for you. Crazy, right? But so true. Forget the typical ‘eat an apple a day’, seriously, because avocados are so much better for your body. That’s why we compiled a list of why you should eat an avocado every day – some of the reasons will shock you.

Your hair will look nicer than ever

Who doesn’t want beautiful, silky, healthy hair? No, we don’t mean add avocado to your shampoo, either. A little known fact is that avocados are full of Vitamin E and that is pretty much what you want to improve your general appearance. Vitamin E helps to offset the damage done by free radicals and they also help prevent early signs of aging. I can’t believe I’m only learning this now!

Avocados can regulate your blood sugar level

Okay, many people are victims of consuming lots of sugar, it’s in our coffee, cereal, soft drinks, chocolate, and the list could go on for ages. By consuming all these sugars, are high glycemic, you’re initiating an insulin response which leads to a spike in blood sugar and that awful crash after. By incorporating avocados, you’re adding the right kind of monounsaturated fats to help keep your blood sugar level stable. What’s even more, research shows that avocados can help to prevent insulin related diseases and problems in the future. That’s amazing.

Avocados help to keep your eyes healthy

You want to improve your eyesight or just keep your eyes strong and healthy? Then you better start adding avocados to your meals. Lutein and zeaxanthin help to fight degeneration in your eyes, which is the leading cause of blindness in America. It’s important to know that you can’t get lutein or zeaxanthin from a bottle or a supplement, you have to get it through diet. That’s where avocados come into play – they are a great source of lutein. You should definitely add avocados to your grocery list, your eyes will thank you.

Avocados make arthritis more bearable

If you want to avoid arthritis in the future, or even if you want to start to alleviate the pain now, incorporate avocado consumption into your life A.S.A.P. Arthritis makes a person’s life rather difficult and painful because it’s a degenerative disease that attacks cartilage. Research shows that utilizing avocado oil can lead to diminished symptoms of the pain commonly associated with arthritis. Studies also show that avocado oil in particular is effective in quelling pain related to hip and knee arthritis.

You can steadily lose weight

Avocados are filled with healthy fat so it is often hard for people to wrap their heads around avocados helping them lose weight. But it’s true! Scientists from the Nutrition Journal found that when people eat half an avocado with their lunch, they feel more fuller and satisfied for longer periods of time. This means that those same people are waiting a longer time to eat again which helps them from overeating and helps to manage weight. This is a very simple and effective trick if you’re looking to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Avocados can be helpful during pregnancy

Pregnant women and their babies would benefit greatly if the mother incorporated avocado into her meal plan. Studies have proven that the addition of folic acid, of which avocados possess plenty, can actually help prevent potential birth defects. Some birth defects that can be avoided thanks to folic acid include neural tube and spina bifida. Also, avocados are full up with vitamin K which is a deficiency that most pregnant women often suffer . A vitamin K deficiency can lead to VKDB, or bleeding in newborn babies. Scientists recommend eating avocados before your pregnancy and throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

Avocados keep you feeling full

If you’re on a diet to lose weight right now, then you’ll love this tip. While most people assume that avocados are a fatty fruit, that assumption is totally wrong. Adding avocados to your diet plan is a wonderful idea because avocados help you feel more full which helps to reduce indulgence during a meal. If you add avocados to multiple meals in a day, this will dramatically help you reduce your overall caloric intake.

Avocado is packed with potassium

Everyone knows how important potassium is for your nutritional needs and everyone also assumes that bananas are the best way to get potassium. Yes, bananas are a great way to get potassium and are cheap to buy but avocados are actually a better alternative. Why, you may ask, when bananas are so much more tasty. Avocados have “14% of your daily suggested intake of potassium per serving while bananas contain just 10%.” If you boost your potassium intake, you’ll see a reduction in blood pressure and other heart related problems. It’s also a great way to boost your weight loss, but we’ll get to that soon.

Avocado is a heart healthy food

Your heart is perhaps one of the most important muscles in your body, obviously. Avocados will help to keep you in good shape and almost 80% of its calories come from fat, which you would think would cause problems but that’s not how it works. The fat inside an avocado is oleic acid – known for helping your body fight off inflammation and various cancers. That basically means avocados are a blessing in green disguise – and if you want to fight certain problems that can occur, you should add avocados to your diet immediately.

Keep your cholesterol in check

About one-third of all American adults have serious problems with their cholesterol which leads directly to increasing heart disease. If you do suffer from high cholesterol, then regular consumption of avocados can lead to a reduction in your total cholesterol level. This is an incredibly easy way to help your body so don’t leave avocados out of your diet!

Avocado can enhance your body’s response to other foods

Not many folks know but your body doesn’t always respond to nutrients the same and depending on how the nutrients come into your body, you may have a hard time “sucking them up.” Enter, avocados, they help to smooth out your body’s process of taking in nutrients from other fat sources. The problem your body has with responding to the other nutrients is because most of those nutrients are fat soluble and avocados are filled up with healthy fat so when you combine avocado with other varieties of plant based vegetables – you can actually lead an uptake in the nutritional value of your entire meal. Go figure.

Avocado takes care of your fiber needs

Avocados are full of fiber, they contain 27% of your daily suggested amount of fiber per serving – 3.5 ounces. We all know that fiber is an important part of our diet but most of us don’t know why. Well, the reason is kinda huge – fiber helps reduce your weight, tame blood sugar problems, and helps fight off potential diseases. Interestingly enough, avocados have a higher amount of soluble fiber than most other food sources. Studies have shown that avocados have about 25% of their fiber in a soluble state. While this sounds small, it definitely adds up and generally compares well with other food sources.

Avocados can protect your liver

Avocados can really help your liver out as they have been found to protect against many liver related diseases. Let me start off by saying that avocados produce glutathione which serves as a way to filter damaging substances from entering the cells in your liver. Those who suffer from liver related diseases often have a glutathione deficiency and if they add avocados into their daily life, their liver will thank them. Why? Not just because avocados are full of glutathione but because they’re also full of vitamins C and E – these vitamins help to fight free radicals which protect liver cells from more damage.

Avocados keep your bones strong

Yes, milk is great in helping your bones stay strong but avocados are just as good. Avocados are filled with folate, Vitamin K and copper and all of these are essential for the overall health of the bones that keep you upright and healthy. So don’t wait, buy some avocados and whip up some guacamole.

Avocados will improve your mood

Really, they will help to lift your mood. Avocados filled to the brim with potassium and folate – both of these nutrients are associated with fighting depression. Scientific studies show that people with depression typically have lower levels of potassium and folate. Hey, it’s worth a try.

You will help yourself fight off cancer risk

No one ever wants to hear the doctor tell them or their loved ones that they have cancer. One way to counter ac this horrible disease is to consume more avocados. No, we aren’t joking either. Avocados are filled with phytochemicals, like xanthophylls and phenols, this helps to fight against cancer cells. Countless studies have shown that avocados are a legitimate way to offset certain types of cancer. As more and more research is done on avocados and their relation to cancer risk – we can certainly expect to see the fruit find its way into more and more households. If you can’t fix your diet to fight cancer, what can you fix it for?

Your skin will be healthier for a longer period of time

Inside an avocado is something called carotenoids and you body loves this. Zeaxanthin and lutein, two other compounds in avocado, work to keep your skin safe against potential UV damage from the sun. Even more interesting, these two compounds help to keep your skin smoother! Other food sources have these compounds in them also but those sources all vary in their bio-availability to your body. Whereas, avocados are ready to absorb those health improving compounds so definitely make sure to add an avocado to your daily diet intake.

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