7 Sacred Herbs That Activate And Align Your Chakras

Your 7 chakras are on standby power mode, waiting for you to activate their energies, and you can easily do that with these sacred herbs. It should not come as a surprise that your body is a wonderland of many systems, and only some of them, like your digestion for example, are at the forefront of your awareness at any given moment.

But not to worry because even though you don’t give much thought to your chakras, they don’t need much from you to keep you balanced and well. Use this guide to help activate and align your 7 chakras with 7 sacred medicinal herbs.

7 Sacred Herbs That Activate and Align Your Chakras

The chakra is an ancient Hindu concept. A chakra is a center of power in your body that is visualized during meditation and healing. The chakras have been compared to lotus flowers that are closed like a bud but that can bloom and open to their full potential when we know how to activate them.

Kundalini is another Hindu concept of energy that lies at the base of the spine between the root and the sacral chakras like a coiled snake that is asleep, but which can uncoil and release its energy when needed. The kundalini energy can travel in a spiral up the spine through all of the 7 chakras.

Imbalance in the chakras leads to a feeling of unhappiness. Yoga and meditation can be used to open chakras so that they are activated and aligned. Another way to align chakras is to use sacred healing herbs that can be used as teas, aromatherapy, incense, oils and seasonings. Let’s look at 7 sacred herbs that can help your chakras be open and balanced.

1. Activate and align your root chakra with dandelion root.

The root chakra is at the base of your spine near your tailbone. It has a red color associated with it and is the center for grounding you in the physical realm.

A tea made from dandelion root is excellent for helping ground your root chakra. Your root chakra is responsible for activating your focus on the present moment and ensuring that you have all the basics for your survival.

2. Activate and align your sacral chakra with calendula.

Your sacral chakra is responsible for your sexual wellness. It has an orange color and is located below your navel. The sacred herb calendula can be used to help balance the reproductive system and activate this chakra.

3. Activate and align your solar plexus chakra with rosemary.

The solar plexus is where we feel our gut instinct. This energy center activates your and emotional and digestive health and is represented by a yellow color. Use the delicious flavor of rosemary on grilled or roasted vegetables or in a savory baking recipe. The sacred herb rosemary helps with digestion and balances and aligns this chakra.

4. Activate and align your heart chakra with hawthorne berries.

In an experiment looking at the heart chakra and essential oils, researchers found that massage and aromatherapy with oils showed blood pressure improvements and also improved the overall activity of the autonomic nervous system. You can use a hawthorne berry tea to help activate and align the heart chakra and the circulatory system.

Jeanne Rose, author of the Herbal Body Book also says that Neroli oil (orange blossoms) are also helpful for opening both the 4th and 2nd chakras and they have a hypnotic aphrodisiac effect as well.

5. Activate and align your throat chakra with seaweed.

The throat chakra is activated when we communicate and it is represented by a blue color. Under the skin of the throat is your thyroid gland. To help your thyroid function, you need a good supply of iodine.

Seaweed or kelp has been used by many ancient cultures to help improve iodine intake and the thyroid function. Seaweed also contains many other essential nutrients and minerals that help the body. Your throat chakra will thank you for adding the sacred ocean vegetable seaweed to your diet.

6. Activate and align your third eye chakra with eyebright.

Decision-making and clear vision is what your third eye chakra is responsible for. This chakra is a deep indigo color and can be activated with the sacred herb eyebright. You can add eyebright to a tea or as a seasoning for food.

Frankincense oil, is another sacred herb that has healing properties and is also helpful for healing the 6th chakra. Put a few drops in a steaming bowl of water, cover your head and the bowl with a towel and inhale the aroma and steam combined.

7. Activate and align your crown chakra with lavender.

A study of stress and the use of essential oils shows that heart rate decreased with the use of essential oil aromatherapy, which led to patients feeling less stress. Decreasing stress is helpful to activate and align your chakras and using sacred herbs helps open your crown chakra.

Connecting to the divine and your infinite power is the key to the crown chakra. It is symbolized by a violet color and can be activated by the scent of lavender in aromatherapy diffusers or sachets.

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